SEPTEMBER 10, 2016





Matt was a wonderful husband, father, son, teacher, mentor and a friend. Most important he was the love of my life.  He was a dance teacher at a local dance studio where his many students looked up to him. He was loved by the dance community as a mentor and friend.

Matt was diagnosed with glioblastoma with a PNET mutation on October 20, 2012 just 2 months after the birth of our second child Lilah. He was also father to our son Miles who was 2 ½ at the time. Matt underwent a biopsy that turned into an 8 hour surgery to remove the tumor and a lobe of his brain. Matt spent the next week in the ICU of the hospital. He recovered much quicker than the Dr. ever thought he would. About a month after surgery the travels to Boston began for his treatment. He received chemo and radiation Monday-Friday and came home on the weekends. He finished his treatment on January 8, 2013 at which time a scan showed no signs of cancer. We were beyond excited to hear this fabulous news. Just one month later on February 6, 2013 we were hit with another nightmare. Matt was not feeling well and his local neurosurgeon saw him in the ER. He did an MRI to see what was going on. It showed changes he didn’t like and wanted his oncologist in Boston to see him. He allowed Matt to go home for the night with the promise he would go to Boston the next day. The next morning we made the journey back to Boston. Matt was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital and a biopsy showed that Matt had cancer again. He was diagnosed with PNET mutation on the other side of his brain. He underwent a stronger chemo which did not prove to be successful.  Matt fought hard but on March 20, 2013 just 5 months to the day of being diagnosed Matt took his last breath in the hospital room where he spent the last month and  a half of life with me and his mother by his side.

I miss him desperately and want to do all I can to bring awareness to this disease and help find a cure so that other people don’t have to suffer the way he did. The first step was made when he passed away. I made the hard decision to donate his brain and spinal cord to Massachusetts General Hospital for research. All of Matts Dr.’s had never seen a case like his before.  


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