In Memory of Gary Dagg



MAY 7, 2016

Ft. Gratiot Bike Path and Nature Preserve
4788 Parker Road

Fort Gratiot, Michigan

8:00am Registration
9:00am 5k Begins 

T-shirt is guaranteed if registered by April 15




Seven years ago my life changed forever, just three weeks after hearing the dreaded word cancer I lost the first man I ever loved. Gary Dagg (GD) was 57 when he passed from small cell carcinoma. The cells traveled to his brain and created four masses, two of which were the size of a baseball. It all started with memory loss, which caused a scary episode that sent us to the emergency room. While driving the lawn mower Gary drove into the ditch and turned the mower on its side, he wasn’t harmed physically. He walked away from the mower without telling anyone nor did he try to seek help to retrieve the mower he just went in the house and laid down. When we came home and saw what had happened we questioned him, he was unable to remember what happened or that it had happened at all. Within two days we had the diagnosis of masses on the brain, a plan was formed to remove the largest tumors to relieve the pressure on his brain. He made it thru surgery successfully, but at the cost of being able to communicate. He was given his first round of chemo that week and sent home, within the week he contacted pneumonia and was back in the hospital. After that first night he fell into a coma and within the week we removed his life support and he passed away on October 28th, 2008 just three weeks after he was diagnosed. In those three short weeks watching this man suffer and slowly lose the ability to do the most basic task broke my heart almost as much as the fact that I was going to lose him, he left this world not able to say how he felt. I missed out on my dad being there to walking me down the aisle at my wedding, getting to see me graduate from college and the chance to live out my life with him. I started running in 2012 and found a passion in it. When I found out that this passion could help me support others who were struggling I decided that I needed to participate in such a race. I started training and saving so that I could attend the nearest race to me. In 2015 I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to race my first Brain Tumor Alliance 5k. I was so inspired by the stories and the survivors that I wanted to start my own 5k here at home in Michigan to allow others who weren’t able to travel as far to participate and also to honor the memory of my dad and to give others a chance to support this wonderful organization.

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